David Michael Beck

David began his 45-year career in illustration in Chicago in 1972. He worked in small in-house art departments, studios, and design firms illustrating in a variety of mediums from watercolor, gouache, acrylics and oils, to full tonal pencil, and pen & ink. In addition, he pounded the streets procuring additional freelance work.

This range of working experience lead him into various markets of illustration which included advertising, book publishing, editorial, institutional, entertainment and graphic design. His personal artistic exploration covered European, American, and Oriental painting, as well as folk, and modern art, sculpture, architecture, and contemporary illustration.

David’s great strength as a conceptual artist, as well as his masterful technical skills, has developed a visual voice quite unlike any other in the field of illustration. The underlying editorial, narrative themes evident in his work won acceptance with many Fortune 500 companies, and high profile periodicals. In recent years, he has developed an impressive body of work in genre illustration covering adventure, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comic books.

David has accrued numerous awards of excellence from The Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts Magazine, Print, and other regional and national competitions. His original artwork hangs in the private collections of such notables as George Lucas, Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead rock band, Bill Cosby, Hugh and Christy Hefner, and the American Italian Museum.

David’s client list has included The Boy Scouts of America, Playboy Enterprises, Hasbro Toy Company, Delta and United Airlines, The America’s Cup Campaign, The Grammy Awards, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Anheuser-Bush, Miller Brewing Co., Dow Jones, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Coca-Cola, Sony Entertainment, The Grateful Dead, Marvel, DC, TopCow, and Dark Horse Comics.

David has always been generous in giving back to his chosen field by teaching young artists in workshops, and lectures with such institutions as The Syracuse University Satellite Program, The Dallas Community Collage, The College of Medical Illustration, The Cincinnati Art Academy, The Cleveland Art Institute, and The Cincinnati Art Institute. David is an adjunct professor of Illustration focusing on Materials & Techniques, and Special Illustration projects at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

David was born in Springfield, Illinois in the year 1950. His academic training was with Wright State University, The American Academy of Art, and The Chicago Academy of Fine Art.

He resides with his family in Cincinnati, Ohio where he continues to produce uniquely original illustration for a wide range of applications.

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