Publisher/Comic Creater (Eric Adams – Lackluster World)
By day, Eric Adams is a partner/creative director at TURNSTYLE CREATIVE. By night, he’s a writer and illustrator of comics/graphic novels. And by morning, he usually regrets working so late the previous evening.

Eric is best known as the creator and self-publisher of LACKLUSTER WORLD, a satirical comic book series about a man with albinism fending off his fanatically religious siblings while using vandalism and his journalism career to change the world before it changes him. It was nominated for the 2004 Howard E Day Prize.

He is also the artist of the short story STUART, which was published in NEGATIVE BURN; the writer of REFLECTION, a one-shot story illustrated by Joanna Estep; and a contributor to, writing SEQUENTIAL SMARTS, a thorough series of articles about the business and marketing comics from the self-publisher perspective.

As a designer he specializes in branding & identity, web design & development, and flash animation.
He currently exists in Cincinnati, OH.