Go for the gold and dwarf your competition – Exhibit at the Queen City Comicon.

Are you looking for a cost effective, one day vendor opportunity? The new Queen City Comicon is the Li Shen Bazaar of Ohio. Hosted by the Jedi that bring you the Cincinnati Comic Expo, this one day fan appreciation event will draw the attendance and exposure of a multi-day event without the higher costs and time requirements.

Queen City Comicon is a celebration of comics and related pop culture welcoming all generations and genres. You and your products will join other vendors to create the most exciting interdimensional shopping experience since Voyager’s crew encountered the Sikarians and their amazing array of exotic Delta quadrant goods.

Did you exhibit at the Cincinnati Comic Expo in 2015? Fantastic! You will receive priority table registration in appreciation of your support for the Cincinnati Comic Expo.


  • One day event – Low cost and time commitment
  • Exposure to thousands of fans – High business exposure rates
  • Low cost and FREE entrance frees – Attendees with money in their pockets
  • Priority table registration – 2016 Cincinnati Comic Expo vendors receive priority registration
  • Website listing – We proudly display your exhibitor attendance leading up to

Don’t delay; submit your exhibitor paperwork today! Once your exhibitor application is received and approved, your business will be listed on our website to provide attendees a preshow x-ray view into the experience to be had during the 2016 Queen City Comicon.

“All we have to
decide is what to do with the
time that is given to us.”
– Gandalf the Grey