Scott D. Simmons

Scott D.M. Simmons is an illustrator whose career highlights include drawing for Lucasfilm (Star Wars licensees), Arcana (The Dead Cell graphic novel), Image (Hack/Slash), Moonstone (Voltron), Topps (Star Wars), and various independent comics. Since 2011, he’s been loving doing the interior artwork for the all-ages independent comic “Our Super Mom”, which recently had its second trade paperback released and is currently on its third story arc! For many years, he’s also been a contributing artist and sometimes colorist for the horror comic “Halloween Man”. Scott also publishes his own comic book series, “Knights of P.O.W.E.R.”, following the adventures of a superhuman team operating as the ultimate outreach of a charitable foundation and finding themselves with elements of the past coming back to haunt them. Some of Scott’s other published credits include Jenny Everywhere, The Hero Chronicles, Wannabez, Mute, Global Comic Jam, as well as artwork for various novels, CDs, magazines, movies, and educational books. Scott and his wife live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. His art website is